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About Us

Hi! Our names are Sofia Keri and Kyra Gallagher and we are both seniors in high school. We created GLEAM to give girls in underserved communities the opportunity to be a part of a female community that they can rely on. Having the experience of attending an all-girls school has given us a unique perspective, and has inspired us to create opportunities for girls in grades 3-8.

About G.L.E.A.M.: About Us

Current President

Hi! My name is Cami Gallagher, and I am a sophomore at Newark Academy in New Jersey. I am the current president of GLEAM. I am super excited to be working with women and girls to empower and create change. My background in ethics drives me to provide equal opportunities for women and girls which this program allows me to do.

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About G.L.E.A.M.: About Us

How It Started

During the Covid pandemic, we became aware of many girls in communities near ours who could not attend school and lacked the resources, information, and guidance necessary to continue their personal development. We wanted to impact these communities positively, so we set up G.L.E.A.M. with Mentors and programs to provide another resource for these girls. We hope that creating an environment with women to support girls will instill confidence in them as they continue to grow.

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We currently have 60 mentees and 50 mentors that are part of the G.L.E.A.M. community!

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Partnered Organizations


Mentor Newark

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The Queen City Academy Charter School


Crest Haven Academy Charter School


Spirit of Excellence

About G.L.E.A.M.: Meet the Team
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